What is Bullet Journaling?

How it all starts…

Everyone makes lists and keeps a calendar or some sort. Whether its an app on your phone, a wall calendar or a ripped piece of notebook paper… everyone keeps track of information somehow. Many of us completely nerd out when it comes to lists and calendars. We turn it into an opportunity to be both organized and artistic! If that appeals to you, buckle up! You will soon be obsessed with Bullet Journaling!

The Bullet Journal Method, in its strictest form, was created by Ryder Carroll. Creating a Bullet Journaling (or BuJo) is merely the act of logging tasks, notes and events in a notebook in short-form sentences and crossing items off (or migrating them to the next day) as you go.  That’s it and that’s all! Simple! Grab any notebook and any pen and you’re on your way.


If you want to nerd out like me and the millions of other people obsessed with BuJo-ing, you can grab you’re most beautiful notebook, your favorite art supplies and turn each day into something special in your own custom planner. There are no rules. Keep it simple or make it an elaborate work of art. It’s all determined by what works for you.

The fact that you can fully customize your BuJo however you want it and change things up any time you want to really makes it special. The boundaries are only set by your imagination!

Want a head start on customizing your BuJo?


Personalized A5 size journals with ultra bright premium paper that will make everything from fountain pen ink, markers and other art supplies pop!


Monthly kits designed to bring every page to life with color and design as well as functional stickers to track favorite books, helpful habits and more!


There are always other ideas coming and prototypes on my desk. Journal accessories can be anything to make your journal more fun or functional!

Or maybe you want ALL THE THINGS including behind the scenes secrets?

Heck yeah!

Just sit back and relax… everything will come to you automagically every single month! You have better things to do than to hunt for things online. I’ll take care of it for you.  I got your back!